Claude Wilfrid Etoka (a.k.a. Willy Etoka) (born 30 May 1969, in Brazzaville, Congo) is the Congolese CEO of Oil Trading company SARPD Oil and Oil Palm, with a wealth estimated at $1,000,000 acting as a trustee of the family of the Congolese president. « Willy » is a politically exposed person, whose bank accounts at BNP Paribas were closed due to his known close links with the president of Congo and the improbable level of profitability of his companies arising out of corruption and misappropriations of Congolese oils. His company facilitates the supply of 10% of the Congolese fuel market, In Jeune Afrique (11 May 2015). Etoka featured as one of the well-connected ‘Golden Boys’; new African traders breaking through in the oil markets traditionally dominated by the international oil giants which are controlled and owned by Europeans (Glencore, Trafigura, Vitol, Mercuria, Oryx Energy).[1] Within 10 years, his company SARPD Oil is ranked as the fifth oil player in Africa in terms of trading.

In 2003, Etoka founded SARPD Oil which became, according to The Times a « rising star in African oil trading », with a trading floor based in Geneva and marketing operations set up in Morocco under Casablanca Finance City regulations.

SARPD Oil runs large trading and financial operations in partnership with global companies such as Glencore. In 2015, the two partners were able to structure a long term oil-deal with Congo, which was criticized as being a disguised debt not inscribed into the national budget of Congo Brazzaville.

Congo Bitumes

Etoka was the director of Congo Bitumes.


Etoka is the CEO and purported to be the sole shareholder of SARPD Oil (African Corporation of Petroleum Exploration and Distribution).

SARPD was incorporated as a Mauritius company in 2003 as a company specialising in trading petroleum products in Central Africa and in international transhipment, followed by a BVI company.

WEC Group

WEC Group is the parent company of Eco-Oil Energy. Group WEC Marine Limited is an offshore company incorporated on 8 June 2012 in Cyprus with the sole shareholder to be Claude Wilfred Etoka holding 20,000 shares and a share capital of Euros 20,000; the group is chaired by Claude Wilfrid Etoka, with an annual turnover of $1 billion.

Eco-Oil Energy SA

Etoka is the President and CEO of Eco-Oil Energy SA. Eco-Oil Energy is the first company in the Congo producing for the “fat” sector in over 21 years. Established in 2013, the Congolese registered company is a subsidiary of WEC Group and is 100% owned by Eco-Energy SA Malaysia. Eco-Oil Energy purchased the assets of the former PALM Sangha and RNPC (National Authority of Congo Palmeraie) and invested 350 billion FCFA with Malaysian partners in a chain which industrially produces palm oil.

In August 2015, Etoka inaugurated the largest margarine factory of Congo-Brazzaville, drawing raw materials from farms run by Eco-Oil Energy SA. Margarine production is located in a plant in Mokéko, located near Ouesso, capital of Sangha, to date there has been an investment of 50 billion FCFA (Euro 76 million). Plant production is 7,000 palm oil bottles and two tons of margarine per hour.

The company Eco-Oil Energy SA is a Congolese company owned by ECO OIL ENERGY Sàrl, a Swiss limited company, domiciliated at c/o Comatrans SA, rue Jean-Sénebier 4, 1205 Genève, Switzerland. ECO OIL ENERGY Sàrl has a share capital of CHF20,000.

The whole owner of ECO OIL ENERGY Sàrl is GROUP WEC MARINE LIMITED, an offshore company in Cypru.

Congo Investments

Etoka is the director of Congo Investments, a private company mandated by the Congolese government to privatise public assets, giving 30% ownership to Etoka on all public goods sold for a lower prices to private investors.