Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat is a Ghanaian of Lebanese descent. He started as an employee of Toyota Ghana and later went on to buy BBC Industrial Company in 1978, BBC Industrial was then owned by Boutros BouChedid, also a Ghanaian of Lebanese origin. After Odaymat’s take over of BBC Industrial Company, he developed the Leyland and Leylac brand of paint products. The company has currently expanded from a single shed to taking up about 80% of the 4-hectare site on which it is located today.

Mohammed Odaymat also founded Rana Motors and Metal Works Engineering. He started off with a structural engineering workshop and a simple tyre outlet. From then on, the company evolved by diversifying into new business lines, constantly adding reputable brands into its portfolio. Odaymat began commercializing tyres in the late 1980’s, by 1991 he associated with the Goodyear brand. During the late years of 1999 (Ghana’s mining boom), Rana Motors diverted its attention towards the mining tyre segment, which was made accessible by Goodyear’s strong products in this category. These factors led to Rana Motors finally securing an exclusive dealer agreement with Goodyear for earthmoving tyre supplies in Ghana. 


Mohammed Odaymat is the Board Chairman of BBC Industrial (Ghana) Limited, producers of Leyland and Leylac paints in Tema. BBC Industrial Company is the largest local paint manufacturer in Ghana and accounts for about 55% of locally produced paints.  His son Esam is currently the CEO of the company.

Odaymat’s company, Rana Motors & Metal Works Engineering Co. Ltd. became the authorised distributors of KIA MOTORS in 1986 and have four branches in Ghana (Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Takoradi) and the West African region.

The company also acquired the agency rights for Ashok Leyland commercial vehicles as well as Swaraj Mazda commercial vehicles and tractors, Yuejin commercial vehicles, and Suzuki motorcycles.

Odaymat’s tyre company, West Africa Tire Services Ltd are the distributors of Goodyear earthmoving tyres and the principal franchise holders of Goodyear’s Vulco retail arm; with over 500 employees. Rana Motors currently imports the whole range of Goodyear tyres in Ghana and West Africa and other range of automotive batteries.

The mining industry accounts for 30% to 35% of the company’s tyre distribution business with the rest represented by the construction, institutional, and haulage sectors. Rana Motors is a diversified company.

His company; Highland Springs manufactures the Aqua Fill brand of mineral water, which is a brand leader in the bottled water business. The plant in Ghana has a capacity of 20 million litres per year.

The other companies under the Rana Group are; Khomara Printing Press Eakaza Food & Consumables, Belshina Africa Limited and Lana Travel and Tours Limited.