John E Taylor is an immensely successful serial entrepreneur with the proverbial finger in several pies. For over two decades, he proven his entrepreneurial skills and abilities in fields as varied as oil and gas, automobile, finance, real estate and telecommunications in Ghana and abroad. In 1999, he established Cirrus Energy Services, an oil trading company, which was later renamed Woodfields Energy Resources.

Cirrus Oil Services followed in 2007, a pioneer in the then burgeoning field of bulk oil distribution in the country. It is currently viewed as the market leader in the sector. As the telecommunications industry grew, he seized the opportunity to procure one of the first licenses or standalone broadband services and introduced Surfline, the country’s first 4G LTE network providing wireless broadband services to the public. The restless entrepreneur, visionary and innovator is also the Executive Chairman of Bay Developers and Freshfields Farms. In 2010, he was named the Best Entrepreneur in the Oil and Gas Sector in Ghana by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana.